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⭐️ Baltic Media® Language Training Centre in collaboration with Iveta Grinberga (Iveta Grīnberga), a Latvian language teacher with an international experience, offer an effective Latvian language course to foreign nationals willing to learn one of the oldest living languages of the civilization. 

⭐️ Latvian is one of the two (along with Lithuanian) living Baltic languages that form a separate sub-group of Indo-European language family. It has retained old grammar forms and word stems also found in Sanskrit. At the same time, Latvian is one of the official languages of the European Union that is still developing.

⭐️ Baltic Media Language Centre is an educational institution registered with the State Education Quality Service of the Republic of Latvia. The State Education Development Agency has registered Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Russian, Communication etc. educational programs of Baltic Media Language Training Center. Type of programs: Professional growth and personal development (non-formal adult education). Educational documents - certificate.

Latvian Language Course Online and Onsite

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Baltic Media Language Learning Centre offers online language courses as both private lessons and group classes.   You can attend courses that are taking place at Baltic Media office together with other participants online. All participants can attend a video conference via Skype or other online communication tool.

Latvian Language Course for Foreigners | Baltic Media Language Training CentreLatvian Language Course for Foreigners | Baltic Media Language Training Centre


⭐️ Latvian language course was developed by the teacher Iveta Grinberga who has taught foreign languages at various universities across the USA for over 10 years and has also written Latvian language textbooks. Iveta has developed and applies a brand new, original teaching method Discover Latvian used in Latvian and other language courses at the Baltic Media Language Training Centre.

⭐️Latvian language course is meant for foreigners anywhere in the world as well as for foreign nationals who have come to Latvia for work or other reasons and who are willing to master the language of the Latvian nation in an effective and fast manner. 


Latvian Language Course for Foreigners | Baltic Media Language Training Centre

Iveta Grinberga

⭐️ Iveta Grinberga, the Lecturer, “My work is also my passion. I am glad I had this great opportunity to teach Latvian at the University of Washington in Seattle and introduce American students, who had never heard about our country before, to the Latvian culture, traditions and wisdom.

In today’s global world the views on language teaching are changing rapidly. The classic methods of memorizing or translation are being replaced by purposefully developed exercises and the language is mastered based on the principle learning by doing. It is facilitated by regular knowledge tests available online. Discover Latvian, the method developed by us, ensures successive language learning from the beginner's A1 level to the top – expert C2 level.”

During classes you will:

* Learn to tell about yourself, your family, work, trip, hobby etc.;

* Develop skilful use of Latvian grammar;

* Get to know Latvian traditions and wisdom;

* Learn to conduct successful business negotiations with Latvians.

Latvian Language Course for Foreigners | Baltic Media Language Training Centre

Latvian Language Course for Foreigners | Types of Learning | Online Course  

* We offer both private lessons and group classes for individuals as well as for businesses.

* If you are representing an international company and looking for a Latvian language course for your employees, our teachers will conduct classes on your premises. 

* You can combine face to face classes with Skype or Google Hangouts lessons, which is especially convenient during business trips or while travelling.

Latvian Language Course for Foreigners | Language Skills Assessment

In self-assessment tables each language skill: listening, reading, speaking, and writing is divided into 6 levels that correspond to the language proficiency levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

All you have to do is assess your level of Latvian and apply for the course. If you have no prior knowledge of Latvian, start with the beginner's level A1.

Latvian Language Test 


⭐️ New!  Summer School of Latvian Language and Baltic Culture 


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