ISO Certified Language Service Provider with 30 Years of Experience

Values of Nordic-Baltic Language Service Provider Baltic Media

Basic values of the translation and language training company Baltic Media Ltd are:

  • Respecting the Clients’ interests by providing them professional, high quality and timely services. Availability to the Clients and understanding their needs. The Client needs to feel that translation agency Baltic Media Ltd can be trusted.
  • Developing long-term cooperation with our Clients; "educating" Clients on the specific features of the services they purchase and the process of quality assurance.
  • Promotion of a developing, democratic and market-oriented working environment and employment culture within the company.
  • Respecting the interests of our staff members and suppliers by treating them with due dignity, guaranteeing improvement of professional and expansion possibilities, as well as ensuring a positive social environment and respecting the individuality of each employee and supplier.
  • Baltic Medias Ltd strives to ensure that not only our Clients, but also our employees and suppliers enjoy working for and cooperating with our company.
  • Services provided by Baltic Media Ltd are organized in such a way to meet the needs of our Clients. One of the most basic principles is prompt service. Baltic Media Ltd Project Managers can be reached outside our regular office hours.

Quality and prompt service – these are the two main principles why our Clients trust Baltic Media Ltd.