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Language tuition company Baltic Media Language Training Centre offers specialized language courses for enterprises.

Baltic Media Ltd is an international langauge service company that for over 25 years has been providing quality language and communication services, thus assisting our Clients with communication in the global multilingual environment.

The quality of the services provided by Baltic Media Ltd is also affirmed by the fact that we are the first Latvian company in this field that has been certified in accordance with the requirements for quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

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Baltic Media Language Learning Centre offers online language courses as both private lessons and group classes.   You can attend courses that are taking place at Baltic Media office together with other participants online. All participants can attend a video conference via Skype or other online communication tool.Language Courses / Language Training Center in Riga Open Group Course for Individuals

We offer:

  • Easy applying for courses using the new ONLINE application form;
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet, coffee, tea and snacks at the language training premises which are included in the course fee;
  • Support by a friendly personnel; 
  • Convenient location in the centre of Riga with parking opportunities. You can get to us by tram, trolleybus or bus if using public transport;
  • Free language aptitude test and development of the specialized study programme that corresponds to the objectives and requirements of a particular enterprise;Language Courses / Language Training Center in Riga Open Group Course for Individuals

We perform free of charge aptitude test of company’s personnel and divide students into study groups according to the level of their knowledge. Specialized study programme is developed for each group as well as individual tuition, taking into consideration the specific scope of activity of each company, level of knowledge of the students, and desirable result upon the course completion, thus improving the skills necessary for each participant of the tuition. 

Baltic Media Ltd offers the opportunity for the students to choose their desired lecturer. 
  • Language tuition on convenient location, anywhere in the world with Skype; 

We offer to hold the tuition not only in our premises in Riga, but also in the premises of your company; our lecturer will arrive half an hour before the beginning of the lesson.

  • Language tuition at time suitable for the employees of the company – including weekends;

Language tuition can be organized at any time suitable for the client including weekends and holidays. We offer studies in morning or evening groups. A specific course agenda will be developed for each organization individually in order not to disturb the work of its employees or their spare time. 

  • Evaluation of the language knowledge upon course completion and issue of the certificate;

At the end of each course, participants are issued a certificate confirming the conformity of the level of their knowledge to the set standards. 

  • Application of up-to-date study materials;
  • “live” communication teaching mode – language games, group activities, presentations, etc.;
  • Dialogues, role-plays, development of joint projects and their development of the presentation skills;
  • Application of the most recent study books, dictionaries, audio and video materials;
  • Application of the communication teaching methodology developed by the teachers including three basic activities – training of the language skills, ability and proficiency;
  • Application of the up-to-date vocabulary;
  • Intensive tuition in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere;
  • Regular aptitude tests;
  • Study materials necessary for the course;
  • Monthly reports regarding the attendance, progress and achieved results;
  • Covering the travelling costs for the teachers and other administrative expenses;

Thanks to the high-quality customer service and strict quality requirements Baltic Media has become one of the leading language service providers in the Latvian market and our services have been approved by such enterprises as "Tele 2", "Elektroskandija", “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines”, SIA “Halcrow Baltica”, “York International”, “Laiko”, “RSU Stomatoloģijas institūts”, “Rīgas Dīzelis”, “Aizkraukles Banka”, “Tele 2”, “Stockmann”, “Carat”, as well as state institutions, for example, the Embasy of Ireland, Information Agency of the European Union, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, State Revenue Service, etc.

Baltic Media chooses only highly qualified teachers with at least 5-year teaching experience therefore we guarantee an outstanding result after the completion of the course. 

Payment can be made in a single sum or by instalments, as well as by concluding the leasing/payment contract.

We also offer you to apply for individual tuition!

For more information write us to, call us +371 67 22 43 95, mobile phone +371 26 404 054 or request information here! Our Project Manager will always try to find the most appropriate solution for you!