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How Long Does It Take to Master Arabic? | Baltic Media Language Training Centre 

In this section you will find out: 

 Why should you learn Arabic?

✅ How long does it take to master Arabic?

✅ Does your mother-tongue affect your mastery of Arabic?

✅ How many classes does it take to master Arabic?

✅ Is there an Arabic language course for companies?

✅ What kind of Arabic language courses are available for individuals?

✅ Do you offer individual language lessons?

✅ How much does a Arabic language course cost?


✅ Why should you learn Arabic?

Arabic (العربية) is a Semitic language, like Hebrew and Aramaic. Around 260 million people use it as their first language. Many more people can also understand it as a second language. It is written with the Arabic alphabet, which is written from right to left, like Hebrew. Since it is so widely spoken throughout the world, it is one of the six official languages of the UN, the others being EnglishFrenchSpanishRussian and Chinese.

Many countries speak Arabic as an official language, but not all of them speak it the same way. The language has many dialects or varieties, such as Modern Standard ArabicEgyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, Levantine Arabic and many others. Some of the dialects are so different from one another that speakers have a hard time understanding the other.

✅ How long does it take to master Arabic?

In order to learn the communication phrases used by tourists in daily situations a couple weeks in the language course will suffice. However, if you want to master written and spoken Arabic more properly, you should allow one to three years. In order to achieve an academic level, you will need at least five to seven years.

With time and motivation you can master Arabic faster. The more time you dedicate to learning the language, the faster you will achieve the result. Daily communication in Arabic will be a great advantage. And do not forget the media (radio and television), press, cultural events, music, and films in Arabic.

Arabic Language Course | How Long Does It Take to Master Arabic? | Baltic Media Language Training Centre


✅ Does your mother-tongue affect your mastery of Arabic?

If you speak Hebrew or Aramaic or it is your mother-tongue, you will learn Arabic easier and faster. 

Some important tips in order to master Arabic faster:

  • Learn each new word in the context it is used in.
  • Repeat what you have learned often because repetition is the mother of learning;
  • Use both real and virtual Arabic language domain;
  • Use the media (TV, radio, music, literature, social media platforms) in Arabic;
  • Read fiction in Arabic, start with easy Arabic;
  • Let yourself make mistakes, use the language, jump in the Arabic language river for a swim! You can do it!

✅ How many classes does it take to master Arabic?

Each language learner is different, however, you can see roughly how much effort and time you will have to dedicate to learning the language below:

C2 - 60 hours (C2/1) + 60 hours (C2/2)

C1 - 60 hours (C1/1) + 60 hours (C1/2)

B2 - 60 hours (B2/1) + 60 hours (B2/2) 

B1 - 60 hours (B1/1) + 60 hours (B1/2)

A2 - 48 hours (A2/1) + 48 hours (A2/2)

A1 - 48 hours (A1/1) + 48 hours (A1/2)

If you want to master Arabic language, contact the employees of our language centre by e-mail or call +371 67224395. 

✅ Is there an Arabic language course for companies?

Teachers of the Baltic Media Language Learning Centre are professionals who use a creative, contemporary approach to preparing and conducting language courses and will adapt the content to your needs and wishes.

Arabic language courses we offer:

  • Correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2);
  • Use a test to assesses Arabic language skills of employees before starting a course;
  • Develop all the necessary Arabic language skills with a focus on speaking;
  • Teach how to conduct successful business negotiations with clients or business partners.

During the studies, the teacher checks the progress of participants of the Arabic language course and at the end of the course submits to the employer a report on presence / absence and the assessment of language skills. Participants of the Arabic language course receive a certificate of the level of Arabic language skills achieved.

Save time and order Arabic language course for yourself or your employees here!

✅ What kind of Arabic language courses are available for individuals?

Baltic Media Language Training Centre offers private lessons or group classes at our office. If you travel or go on business trips often, it is worth applying for Skype classes. Our teachers will develop a Arabic language course programme to meet your needs.

During classes you will learn how to do the following:

  • Book a hotel, order food, travel, find a job etc.;
  • Communicate to leave a good impression;
  • Tell about your culture or find out about the differences in another culture;
  • Conduct business negotiations successfully;
  • Prepare presentations in Arabic and much more.

All you have to do is assess your Arabic language skills and apply for private lessons or group classes.

Assess your Arabic language skills right now by following this link!

✅ Do you offer individual language lessons?

If you want to master the language faster, you might want to apply for private Arabic language lessons.

Individual Arabic language course is especially effective as the lecturer dedicates all their attention to one language learner. Although one academic hour is slightly more expensive than a group lesson, money is spent more effectively and in the long run private lessons will cost you less. If you study individually, you will need less classes to achieve the desired result than you would in a group setting. 

If you have no prior knowledge of Arabic, start with the beginner's level A1.

✅ How much does an Arabic language course cost?

24 classes (48 academic hours) will cost you from 399 euro (incl. VAT), if the classes are conducted in an open group setting at the Baltic Media Language Training Centre on Elizabetes iela 11, Riga. The price of individual learning is from 30.00 EUR + VAT (21%) per one academic hour (45 min.). One standard lesson usually lasts 1.5 h (2 x 45 min.). Fees might differ depending on the level of the course. To find out the exact fee, contact our employees by e-mail or call +37167224395.