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Why Should You Learn a New language?  

You should choose Baltic Media language courses if you wish to:

  • get acquainted with and learn a new language and culture (courses for beginners)
  • improve existing knowledge of a particular language
  • obtain more in-depth knowledge of the principles of grammar
  • perfect vocabulary for everyday use
  • speedily prepare for tests and examinations
  • speedily resolve problems with language knowledge
  • prepare for a trip abroad or to receive foreign guests, in a short space of time

25 Reasons to Study Foreign Languages

Our target audience:

  • representatives of different professions
  • children, pupils, students
  • company managers and owners 
  • travellers, energetic and modern people

Structure of Courses
Anyone can apply irrespective of his or her professional qualification and level of language knowledge. We will contact you after we have looked through your completed form. If you wish to determine the level of your language knowledge, an experienced lecturer will offer you the most applicable test, dependent on which we will offer the training programme and type the most appropriate for you. On completion of the course Baltic Media will issue you with a certificate.

  • Elementary level

Elementary knowledge of language for everyday use.
Study of language peculiarities, pronunciation, grammar and language culture. Minimum vocabulary for everyday use and formation of dialogues.

  • Intermediate level

Improvement of language knowledge, both written and spoken, as well as expansion of communication dependent on requirements.  

  • Upper level

Elaboration of language knowledge for communication in different areas: private, professional and public. 
The courses cover such fields as business conversation etiquette, negotiations and business deals, financial aspects, company structure, business correspondence, marketing, management.

  • Professional level

Consolidation of language knowledge and more in-depth studies related to professional activities; with an insight into respective cultures.
We have developed special programmes according to client type — for managers, economists, financiers, secretaries, accountants, lawyers, waiters and others. The language course envisages specialised vocabulary, topics and grammar essential for client preparation.

  • Grammar course

Opportunity to improve one’s knowledge of grammar irrespective of the level of qualification.
Training Methods

  • Multiform training methods help to develop all the skills in the target language (speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.).
  • Use of the latest and most popular study materials
  • Communicative training methods: language games, group projects, presentations, etc.
  • Use of the latest education books, dictionaries, audio and video materials. 
  • Use of communicative training methods developed by the lecturers and comprising three basic activities: language knowledge, abilities and skills. 
  • Use of the modern language vocabulary.
  • Intensive studies in an enjoyable and friendly environment.
  • Regular progress tests.

Study Materials

  • Dialogues, role-plays, development of joint projects and their presentation.
  • Friendly environment.
  • Study materials prepared from long professional experience.
  • Audio and video materials.
  • Facilities and environment correspondent with the most modern requirements.
  • Comfortable study premises in the centre of Riga.

Training Specifics

  • Training in groups

Lessons are held twice a week. 
Duration of one lesson — 3 academic hours (120 min).
The courses are planned for 20 lessons (about 2.5 months).      
Lessons are held in lecture rooms in the centre of Riga. The maximum number of participants per group is 8.

  • Individual training

Individual training is the most efficient type of training as the lecturer prepares a tailor-made programme for you and develops a training plan based on customer requirements, level of knowledge and study aim. Individual programme adjustment is possible throughout the study process.
Study time and intensity are agreed upon individually. By prior arrangement, the courses may be held both in our lecture rooms in central Riga and at the client’s home or place of work.

  • Corporate training

Baltic Media collaborates with many different agencies in Latvia providing quality translation services. We offer flexible training systems for company employees according to specially selected and developed programmes. It is possible to work out the plan, intensity and length of the courses according to the specifics of the company’s operation, aims and requirements, as well as to offer an evaluation system.
This option has several advantages:

  • Financially viable
  • Courses can be held both in our lecture rooms and your company’s premises, thus saving the time of your employees
  • Employees can suggest relevant queries related to their everyday work, thus productively improving the quality of work

Baltic Media collaborates with experienced and professional lecturers who are able to develop new study programmes, and adjust and supplement existing study methods and materials. As our lecturers are native speakers of your chosen language, this also gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with their respective cultures.

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