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How Can Language Courses Boost Your Business?

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Baltic Media Language Centre is an educational institution registered with the State Education Quality Service of the Republic of Latvia.

How Can Language Courses Boost Your Business?

If your company is aiming to increase exports of goods or services to both closer and more distant markets, you might want to teach your employees the languages spoken in these countries. At least those employees who will consult and manage subsidiaries in the new markets. In order to expand your business to the closest neighbouring countries, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish, German, and Russian language courses perhaps come in handy.

If your company is a subsidiary of another global company, to effectively communicate with its staff, you may need the knowledge of the official language of the country your parent company is based in. We have been specializing in Swedish, English, Finnish, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese language courses for over 25 years.

Scientific research shows that if you communicate with your business partners in their language, your company turnover will increase by an average of 25%.


English is a global business communication language. Let’s say, you have a good knowledge of English that you have learned at school and at the university, however, in order to communicate in a business environment you need to add up specific business terminology and language style depending on the region. Lecturers who are native speakers of English and who are well aware of American, British, Australian and other versions of English will help you with that.

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If your company is international and employs a large number of foreign experts who have come to Riga not only to work but also to live and to integrate into the social and cultural domain of Latvia, then you might want to teach these employees Latvian – the official language of Latvia and one of the official languages of the European Union.

Roots of the Latvian language reach as far back as Sanskrit and it is one of the oldest languages of the European civilization which together with Lithuanian form a separate branch of the Indo-European language tree. Latvian language classes for foreigners which are toughed based on a special, original method, is one of our specializations.

All these language courses have been organized by the Baltic Media Language Training Centre for more than 25 years.

Contact us and we will tell you more about how the experience and competence of our language courses can help you!

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Baltic Media Language Centre is an educational institution registered with the State Education Quality Service of the Republic of Latvia.

The State Education Development Agency has registered Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Russian, Communication etc. educational programs of Baltic Media Language Training Center.

Type of programs: Professional growth and personal development (non-formal adult education). Educational documents - certificate.