ISO sertificēts valodu pakalpojumu uzņēmums ar 25 gadu pieredzi

Angļu valodas tests pašnovērtējumam | Novēlam veiksmi!

Aizpildot šo angļu valodas testu, jums ir iespēja pārbaudīt savas angļu valodas zināšanas un izlemt, kādā līmenī sākt papildināt angļu valodas prasmes. 

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Angļu valodas tests
1. John's shirt is ... yours.
2. I ... having lunch when she knocked at the door.
3. Who was the woman ...?
4. There isn't a good this town.
5. Edith is ...than Mary.
6. Look, children! Your uncle has ... you a bag of sweets.
7. "I am going to the cinema tomorrow." "So ... ."
8. The ski resorts are usually crowded there are many people ... skiing.
9. Every old house like this has ... strange stories.
10. I ... to the cinema since last year.
11. ".... bag is this?" "It's John's".
12. That's my name on the document but it isn't my ... .
13. I am slow to ... .
14. I have to have this report finished ... .
15. He came to the party ... he hadn't been invited.
16. They were all on the platform, waiting ... arrive.
17. It ... to me whether we meet them or not.
18. ... in the class like their English teacher.
19. I'm going out to the garden to pick some beans ... it isn't raining.
20. There wasn't ... in the shop.
21. We were fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon. It has ... .
22. Do we have ... money to last us the week?
23. Many excited women could ... at the department store sale.
24. Simon is too busy ... see her now.
25. There wasn't anything interesting on the news, ... ?
26. We've proved that he was guilty but he ... doesn't admit it.
27. If I ... the mistake, I would have corrected it.
28. John decided ... golf on weekends.
29. Are you ... the competition?
30. He ... to close the window almost every day.