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Start Course Level Days Hours
30.09.2020 Swedish language tuition  A1/1 Wed., Fri 18:00-19:30
5.10.2020 Japanese language tuition  Beginners Mon., Fri. 18.00 -19:30
06.10.2020 Chinese language tuition  Beginner Tue., Thu. 18:15-19:45
06.10.2020 Japāņu language course for children   iesācēju Tue, Fri 17:00-18:30
07.10.2020 Latvian language course for foreigners  A1/1 Mon, Wed 18:30-19:30
12.10.2020 Latvian language course for foreigners   B1/1 Mon. 18:00-19:30
13.10.2020 German language tuition  A1/1 Tue., Thu. 18:00-19:30
13.10.2020 Spanish language tuition  A1 Tue, Thu 18:15-19:45
14.10.2020 Latvian language course for foreigners   A1/1 Wed., Fri. 10:30-12:00
17.10.2020 Latvian language course for foreigners  A1/2 Sat 14:00 - 17:20
19.10.2020 English language tuition  B1 Mon., Wed. 18:00-19:30
19.10.2020 Norwegian language tuition  A1/1 Mon., Thu. 18:00-19:30
20.10.2020 Italian language tuition  A1/1 Tue., Thu. 19:00-20:30
21.10.2020 Swedish language tuition  A2/1 Wed., Fri. 18:00-19:30

Norwegian language tuition

Venue: Riga, Elizabetes Street 11-1.

Language of interaction: Latvian, Norwegian

Course end date: 17/12/2020

Number of lessons: 24 (48 academic hours)

Discount: 0%

Full course price incl VAT: EUR 279.00

Additional information:
Application is not legally binding until the signing of the agreement. After the completion of the course participants are issued a certificate corfirming the level of the obtained knowledge.

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